Roland J. Richardson, USA

1919 - 2002

   Sergeant Roland J. Richardson, United States Army, severed in Patton's 12th Army. His organization was the Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 101st Infantry.   He transported troops by truck and pulled artillery pieces.  He was in the "Battle of the Bulge." He served in Northern France Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.  Decorations and citations included the American Theater Ribbon, EAME Theater Ribbon w/4 Bronze Stars, Victory Medal, and Good Conduct Ribbon.

Memorable Story:

"We spent the day attacking this town; after we took the town the Germans would counter attack and take it back and then we'd counter attack and we'd take it back.  It was on one of our counter attacks when my sergeant and I were driving a truck pulling an artillery piece; we crossed a bridge to the town.  Driving rather fast, I approached my first turn in this town. The streets are narrow so I slowed a little and made a sharp turn at this building and ended up under the mussel of a German tank surprising them as much as we were taken back. 

They say you can't backup a truck with a trailer straight, but, I managed to not only backup straight, but, I also made it back around the corner."

Roland J. Richardson, USA

He was a loving husband to Elsie Richardson and a good father to his four sons Richard, Michael, Allen, and James.  A proud grandfather to Scott, Matt, Mark, and Tim; and a great grandfather of Garren and Evann.  He'd been a proud great grandfather to Tim & Ali's baby girl Aspen and Matt & Mel's baby girl Amara.  And soon to be baby girl of Mark & Asley.

Roland Richardson, wife Elsie and grandson Scott

Elsie Richardson (wife), Scott Richardson (grandson),

Roland J. Richardson
National WWII Memorial Link at Washington, DC         March 1919 - August 2002

World War II Hoonoree Veteran

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